There is virtually no joy greater than the happiness you feel when you help a hungry Jew with a hot meal.

At The Eshel Binyomin Zefat Free Soup Kitchen we have been providing hundreds of meals each day of the year to the hundreds of needy, elderly, and destitute of Zefat for more than a decade.

The meals are served to people who come to our two dining halls in Zefat's Old City and the residential Canaan neighborhood. We also distribute hot meals to the homes of dozens of elderly and destitute local residents who aren't able to come to our facilities.

All of these hot nourishing meals are served with thoughtfulness, dignity, and a smile.

In addition, we prepare hundreds of sandwiches each weekday for schoolchildren throughout Zefat's schools, whose parents are unable to send them off with something to eat.

All our activities are performed in cooperation with the Zefat municipal welfare department. The Zefat city council has showed its own recognition by giving our organization the "Honored of the City" Award. In addition, we have been the subject of dozens of newspaper articles and letters of appreciation from various private and public agencies.

Our activities are all funded by supporters of the Eshel Binyomin Zefat Free Soup Kitchen in Israel and throughout the world. You are cordially invited to become an active partner in our activities, and have the privilege of helping another needy Jew get a hot meal!

You can donate in the following ways:

1. Send your generous contribution to: ESHEL BINYAMIN ZEFAT, P.O. Box 2134, Zefat, ISRAEL.

2. Make a direct deposit to our account with the Israel Postal Bank (Acct. No. 3538298). You can deposit at any Postal agency.

3. Transfer your donation to our Bank account 617710 at the Pagi Haifa Brach 187 of the First International Bank of Israel (SWIFT code FIRBIL187, IBAN IL870521870000000617709).

4. Donate via credit card. Please call our offices at +972-4-682-1090 or send an e-mail to office@ebz.org.il

5. Donate In Secure page- Here.

6. Donate by PayPal at paypal.me/ebzzefat

"Eshel Binyamin Zefat" is a tax-exempt non-profit organization in Israel, and receipts will be issued for each contribution.

You can also donate at our office in New York and get an American Tax deductible receipt. Please mail us at office@ebz.org.ilfor details.

May G-d bless you for your support.

Zeev Crombie, Director